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The First Verchota

The Verchota tradition of flooring craftsmanship began with Lawrence John Vrchota, an immigrant from Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) who received his early education in Eastern Europe. He traveled to the United States (New York, Chicago) enrolling in night classes to learn English and further his education and eventually moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

At 28 years of age he was associated with Ransom Lumber Company, Nashville Hardwood Flooring, Bruce Hardwood Floors and ultimately L. J. Verchota and Son. (Added the vowel!)

Verchota and hardwood floors have been linked through the years by always striving for a premium product with premium service. And the company has stayed in the Verchota family: 1903- Lawrence John, John Timothy, Lawrence Francis 1965- Lawrence Frank, Betty Sue, James Louis 1982- Lawrence Frank Jr., Walter Roland, Steven Alan, James Louis Jr., Walter Roland Jr., Christopher Dale 2014-Lawrence Frank Jr.

Installation and finishing of hardwood floors demands a specialized product combined with superior service. This is best provided by old world expertise, generations of ever-growing experience and keeping pace with the best of new technologies.

Verchota Floors, Inc. is developing and improving specialized areas in hardwood flooring through employee responsibilities. Although current trends focus on sub-contract labor, we remain steadfast in the belief that in-house employees take more pride and responsibility in their work. Verchota is proud to say that over 75% of their current workforce has been with the company over 5 years, with several over 20 years.

The goal of perfection in a hardwood flooring product requires the pursuit of perfection in the service provided. Verchota Floors will continue to develop specializations needed to improve the end product for hardwood flooring customers in Middle Tennessee.