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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come to my home to give me a free estimate? Yes. Simply call the office to schedule: 615-868-0202. You can also send us an email on our "Contact Us" page. When you are ready to accept the proposal and want to schedule, we require a signed copy in the office in order to do so.

How much lead time do you need? We are in high demand, so if you are planning your rennovation, plan at least 3 weeks in advance. If we are buying non "stock" materials, allow even more time. During the summer we are in high season, and if you need service before a major holiday, plan to reserve at least 4 weeks in advance.

What do you require as a deposit? We require half payment at time of delivery of materials (for installation of new floors) & if we are sanding & finishing, we require half at onset. Both services require the full amount due at completion. If you ask to delay the final coat, payment is still due. We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover.

How long will it take? A lot depends on what is being done. In general, a good rule of thumb is to allow 2 days per room as a guideline; if there is no furniture it will go faster. Expect a wood delivery about a week or so before we install your new wood floor. This gives the wood time to acclimate to your environment.

What do I need to do to prepare ahead of time? While we move your furniture for you, we ask that you remove smaller knick-knacks, china, etc. in advance. You can cover up bookcases or built-ins. We use a dust free process, but nothing is 100%!

I may want to go "in stages," can you work with us like that?
Yes, we can. Each stage will be billed separately. The same lead times as described above apply.